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太一像 "Taichi" H13×W45×D51cm 樟に彩色/camphor wood 2010

木っ端金魚 "Goldfish of scrap piece" H4×W3×D8cm 樟に彩色/camphor wood 2010

花摘みスポット "A spot of picking flowers" H40×W70×D70cm 樟・竹/camphor wood, bamboo 2010

吹けば立つ "Blow and rise" H21×W15×D15cm 樟に彩色/camphor wood 2010

清く正しく美しい "It is pure,right,and beautiful" H50×W40×D37cm, H50×W45×D34cm 樟に彩色/camphor wood 2010

シロツメクサを持つ "picked a white clover" H27×W10.5×D7cm 樟・竹/camphor wood, bamboo 2010

たいくつな毎日 "Tedious every day" H17.5×W8×D9cm 樟に彩色/camphor wood 2010

私を迎える香り "The smell waiting me" H12×W13×D10cm 樟・桜/camphor wood, cherry 2010

帰り道で見た木 "The tree I saw on the road to home" H23×W25×D18cm 樟・紙/camphor wood , paper 2010

生きているのか死んでいるのかそれが問題 "To Be or Not to Be,That is theQuestion." H12×W70×D24cm 樟に彩色/camphor wood 2010

気持ちにそえて "With my heart" H27×W10×D10.5cm 樟・竹/camphor wood, bamboo 2010

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