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見上げる存在 "It is here for look up" H270×W60×D60cm 樟に彩色/camphor wood

母であり祖母であり、息子であり叔父であり "She is both a mother and a grandmother , he is both a sun and a uncle" H141×W51×D54cm , H183×W59×D45cm 樟に彩色/camphor wood

せんたろうの頭 "The head of Sentaro" H70×W91×D67cm 樟に彩色/camphor wood

正しいこと "The rightness" H86×W49×D52cm 樟に彩色/camphor wood

口から出る#1 "From a mouth #1" H26×W13×D14cm 樟・漆/camphor wood, dry lacquer

口から出る#2 "From a mouth #2" H9×W6×D33cm 樟・漆/camphor wood, dry lacquer

目に浮かぶ "In my mind's eye" H46×W38×D26cm 樟に彩色/camphor wood

握る "grasp" H9×W16×D7cm 樟/camphor wood

花摘みスポット "a spot of picking flowers" H17×W11×D11cm 樟・竹/camphor wood, bamboo

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